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What to Know Before You Buy


You’ve decided to buy a car. Now what? Not to worry - we're here to help every step of the way.

  1. How much can I afford? Look at your current expenses, available down payment and any trade in value. Use this handy calculator to set your budget.
  2. Do I want a new or used car? New cars may be pricier but could save on repairs. Used cars don’t depreciate as much, but come with a history. Do your research – visit and to find car histories and recalls.
  3. What’s my credit score? This could affect your purchase rate. Visit to learn how to keep your credit score strong. Then visit Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App to view your Credit Score.
  4. How will I finance it? Cars aren't cheap. Chances are, you’ll need an auto loan. NASA Federal is here to help, with low APR’s and flexible terms.

I’m ready to buy my car!

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